About Us

PT. Pro Visitama Kreasindo (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Pro Visitama is a company that offers solutions and quality in terms of printed materials

We work on printed products with general or custom media, starting from paper, cardboard, sticker,
plastic, fabric (synthetic), and acrylic materials.

Our tagline is "Creating Quality Solution"

In accordance with the name of our company, PRO Visitama, this is the way we work:
- PROfesional
- Comprehensive PROcess, produce quality PROduct


Providing added value products, with original ideas and sense of creativity


Creating Quaility Solution for You


1. Kidzania

2. PT. Berca Mandiri Perkasa

3. PT. Diton Prima Paint (Cat Diton)

4. Motor VIAR

5. Motor KTM

6. TRAC (Toyota Rent A Car)

7. BCA 

8. Plaza Semanggi

9. PT. Aetra 

10. PT. Indonesia Power

11. Alam Sutera 


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